I am a software and web developer based in the United States. I am well-versed in C++ and Python, and also have experience with Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, D. I have built native Android applications using Java as well as Kotlin, some of which you can find links to here. I've built a number of websites using various technologies, such as Django, Flask, and Node.js.


Below are a number of projects that I have made or worked on. Some of these are open-source, and if so will have Github links to view the source code.


A configurable lines of code counter written in C++17. Made as an alternative to cloc due to frustrations I had with ignoring directories and individual files for counting. Binary releases available on the github page.

Language: C++

Dependencies: cxxopt, fmt, yaml-cpp


A simple open-source C++11 library for constructing HTML documents and elements. Only depends on the standard library, only requires a single header file, and allows for method chaining.

Recently rewritten to improve code readability, ease the process of adding new features, as well as add better testing.

Language: C++


A single-header C++11 library for creating HTTP messages (responses and requests) as well as parsing. Depends solely on the standard library, and has method chaining.

Language: C++


A Node.js based Discord bot for associating a user with their Last.fm account and grabbing statistics from Last.fm. I host an instance of the bot for inviting to your server.

Language: JavaScript

Technology: Node.js

APIs: Discord API, Last.fm API


A website made around the time of the Sarahah anonymous message sending craze in 2017. Allows users to create a board for people to either send messages to them (protected with a passcode). Or, alternatively, you can create a collaborative board for anonymously posting with others.

The only requirement for these messages is that they include a single emoji for a reaction. You can also, optionally, write a message to the person as well as the emoji. You also have the option to upload a picture instead of using an emoji.

Written in Python using Flask, and uses SQLite3 as the backend database.

Languages: Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Technologies: Flask, SQLite3

Wooden Toy

A tiny website that displays a visualization, as well as lyrics, to the song Wooden Toy by Amon Tobin. Made in collaboration with Jordan Fitzgerald.

Languages: JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Technology: HTML Canvas


My own take on social media applications like Instagram and Snapchat, almost an anti-social media. Mantra is an Android application for taking pictures and sharing them with your friends. It is centered around three views, the camera view being the first thing you open the app to. With this view, you can take simple pictures and upload them, giving them a caption as well as attaching optional data such as your location, the weather conditions, as well as the music you are currently listening to through Spotify on the device. You can also swipe to the right from the camera view to get to the feed view, where you will see you and your friends posts in a linear format. These posts are displayed in a full screen portrait view, giving the picture the spotlight. You may also swipe to the left to see and edit your own profile data.

This app was built in two months (Roughly July-August 2018) for Android using Kotlin for the application as well as Python with Flask for the backend API code.

Languages: Kotlin, Python

Technologies: Flask, Android API

APIs: OpenWeatherMap API, Firebase