Maxwell Flynn

also known as tinfoilboy

About Me

I am a software/web developer from the United States that has built an assortment of projects. Some of these projects are more finished than others, and these projects can vary greatly. Some of these projects are games, some are websites, some are mobile apps, some are even just utilities. A few of my projects are even open sourced for others to use and contribute to. My languages of choice include C and C++, Python, and more recently, D. I am well versed in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and can make, in my mind, some very nice looking designs. Some technologies I've used for web-based projects include the Django web framework and Node.js. Additionally, with my projects in C/C++, I've used OpenGL and DirectX, as well as used a bit of the Windows API.


The section below contains a list of projects that I find are noteworthy and worth a mention. Some of these projects are open-sourced, some may not be (though, a good amount are).



CTML is a simple, open source HTML document constructor written in C++ using only the standard library. Written in modern C++11, and blazing fast, so that you can generate your documents for say, a dynamic web server, or something of the sort in no time.


mcv is a command line tool that allows you to convert an obj file to a lrb file. It is also a library that adds a loader for the lrb format.

The lrb format is a simple model format to be used in video games, or any other graphical application that depends on load speed. It is a binary format that includes the simple attributes for a vertex, as well as individual object support and material slot support.


Shakara is a little language idea that I am currently toying around with. Reference interpreter and AST is built in C++, using only the standard library.


A screenshot of a scene from vxl


vxl is an unfinished voxel game that I made over the early months of 2016. Written in C++ using OpenGL for graphics, it's able to generate infinite worlds. Though it is not finished, and possibly will not be finished, it is a good start for learning.

Used the libraries GLFW, GLEW, as well as GLM.


A screenshot of Wooden Toy

Wooden Toy

A tiny collaboration with JordanFitz in making a visual to go along with the song Wooden Toy by Amon Tobin. Used to test his old canvas library, guru.

I personally worked on making the lyrics portion of the website, syncing the lyrics up to the portions of the song and making sure they appeared.

A screenshot of Declan's portfolio page

Declan Hopkins' Website

Declan had asked me to rework his website so that it was more mobile-friendly, and easier for him to add to and use.

I rebuilt the site from the ground-up with designs from him, while implementing a more mobile friendly version of his vision. I also added features such as platform icons, and platform detection for downloads on the site.

Social Media and Contact

With my public facing accounts on social media, I am @tinfoilboyv3 on Twitter. On Github, you can find me as @tinfoilboy. On, my account is tinfoilboy. And finally, on StackOverflow, you can find me as Tinfoilboy.

If you'd like to personally contact me, you can email me at