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Wooden Toy

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This project was unique in that I actually had collaborated with someone on it. JordanFitz had been working on a canvas library for his web games for a little bit and made Wooden Toy as a test for it. It was simply the graphic seen on the site currently synced up to the song Wooden Toy by Amon Tobin, off of the album ISAM.

I loved the project and decided to contribute a bit to it. In my mind, it was a cool concept to sync the graphic along with the lyrics of the song. So I pulled up a page of lyrics for the song, and Audacity and went to work.

The lyrical timing in Wooden Toy is hand-timed, as in, I went through the song in Audacity and found the beginning of a lyric, and then I took the start time in milliseconds and plugged it into the code. This looks a little gross code wise, but looks really cool in practice.

These lyrics brought a sort of sinister vibe to the whole project with the dark and muted graphic, synced to this kind of unnerving song with these kind of ominous lyrics. Overall, it was a nice project to work on, and I loved every second of it, and in the end it turned out pretty sweet.