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Shakara is one of my most recent projects, an endeavor into making a programming language of sorts. I started this in around July of 2017, as a project to just toy around with, having no other project to work on at the time.

Shakara is implemented as a dynamically typed, interpreted language, built on top of the interpreter I wrote in C++.

My idea for the language was to make something simple to use, such as JavaScript but not as error-prone, and maybe more pretty looking in the process. Shakara makes the syntax of defining any kind of type the same between each type. For instance, defining a function uses the same rough syntax as defining say, a string.

test = "my test string"

func = ()
	print("I am a function!")

Keep in mind, that the above code does interpret correctly!

After only a few months, the language is getting to be at a usable point. Only issues with the language currently are that there is no way to bind C/C++ functions to the language. But once that becomes a thing, the language could be a joy to use.

From the beginning of development on the language, each and every portion is tested using the Visual Studio Unit Test solution, and as of right now, each and every test passes.

This is by far my second most popular project, currently having fourteen stars on GitHub.